They all find excuses, people telling you that their homes are not in the condition they want them to be because of their kids only.

It sounds naïve and I hardly believe that someone thinks this could be true. Because, yeah, kids are messy and they make dirt, eat everywhere, touch with their sticky and greasy hands the windows and draw masterpieces with crayons on the walls.Cleaning However, I don’t think that you can avoid absolutely all of it, but I believe that you can make them be more organized and cleaner, because they learn fast and if you turn it into a game or a competition, they will even love it.

And not only you will not have any problems with the spring or the end of tenancy cleaning, but you will bring up a kid that will turn out to be pretty organized person, which in these days is a highly valued quality. And in fact it is nothing that hard, they just need to grow it into a habit.

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Everything has its own place

Or differently said everything has its own home, just like we do. Make them put every toy they play with in the box thereafter, every book they read on the book shelf, every plate they eat from in the kitchen sink. You could not have a pretty organized home and therefore a clean one, if it is messy, so teach your kids to declutter. Don’t let them make piles of clothes and toys and never put their things where they belong, because thus your home will always look like a battle-field. And indeed this is something they should do like grown-ups, too. So as sooner as they understand that this is the right way, it would be much better.

They can take part in the cleaning

Image of cleaning kidYes, they want to be just like the adults. So a wonderful idea is to make a to-do list and to put it on the fridge. So there should be a task for each day for every member of the family, and it might be something simple that you could do in a minute, the important thing is that they would feel called upon to be organized and cleaner. So in Monday you are vacuum-cleaning and the kids are folding the laundry. And if they are doing everything properly give them a small prize at the end of the week. But be careful and don’t let them clean for the reward only.

The good example

The truth is that your children could not clean and declutter, organize and arrange, if you simply do not do it, too. At this age they fall under the influence of the older ones and if you or another adult at home always find excuses and never takes part in the home maintenance, there is a high probability that they will refuse to clean up, too. So be the perfect example and show them how they should act when they grow up.