6 ideas for easy home cleaning

1. Practical apron

Rather than throw the old kitchen apron for cooking, use it to clean – fill its pockets with the necessary facilities and materials to avoid having to return repeatedly to them at work. So your hands will be free to clean and scrub the surfaces even when walking around from room to room. If the apron does not have enough pockets or they are not suitable for this purpose sewn her a few extra compartments – please fold up the bottom of the long apron and made several vertical seam in front of two layers of fabric to form compartments.

2. Cleaning the blackened cutlery

This simple chemical reaction will clean quickly and easily discolored instruments without damaging them. Place instruments in an aluminum pan and sprinkle with plain baking soda. Pour boiling water enough to cover fully all utensils. When you remove the stains disappear instruments and buff them with a cotton cloth.

3. Easy “curtains” against dust

To protect the bookshelves of dust accumulation, which cleans hard mount on top of each shelf a little “curtain” of linen. In addition to facilitate cleaning of the cupboard, this technique will visually align rows of books. To make “pelmet”, measure the width of the shelves and their distance from the top edge to the shortest book, and cut a piece of linen with the measured values by adding 2 cm. The allowance for hem on each side. Fold, sew and secure the edge of the shelves with upholstery tacks or Velcro.

4. Easy to clean decorative candles

Glass shelves for decorative candles are very practical for festive decoration or romantic date, but cleaning them can be very frustrating. So you can use this simple trick – put the trays in the freezer for a few hours – when you remove the wax will be dropped and will come easier from the glass vessel. Clean the leftovers with hot water and dish soap.

5. Easy moving furniture

To avoid scratching the surface when moving furniture, use this simple trick – rolled two towels (they must be clean) and place them under the furniture at both ends. Drag it to the desired location and remove the towels.

6. Protecting the bathroom from mold

Image of bathroomWhen it comes to mold, prevention is much more effective than solving a problem already (laborious cleaning mold). As for the bathroom, which is most susceptible to mold because of the high humidity, there are several things that can prevent the occurrence of unpleasant stains. These are good ventilation (a window or wall fan), continuous air circulation and humidity control. The third factor may for example be controlled by not placing the wet wipes in the bathroom, and it hang on the terrace, and through a special device for dehumidifying the air (dehumidifier). Prefer open shelves and nonporous fabrics (eg curtains of the bathtub and shower).


I will give you one more bonus idea and this is to spend your free time outside with the family and friends and leave the dirty cleaning work to the specialists, for example end of tenancy cleaning Chelsea.